Addressing the Critical Challenge of Defensible Disposal: Operational and Technological Insights

22 APRIL 2020

Given the frantic pace of information growth, the science of defensible disposal is an increasingly important one for today’s organizations. In this webinar, learn the effective defensible disposal strategies that can:

  • Reduce exposure to audits and litigation
  • Eliminate risk to reputation due to cyber-attacks or data breach
  • Optimize IT costs through lower storage and backup overhead
  • Improve operational efficiency through the elimination of irrelevant information

This informative webinar will bring operational and technical best practices from Lynn Molfetta, representing MC Bernstein Data, and Katie Tall, representing Nyxeia. Lynn and Katie bring a wealth of combined experience in Information Governance consulting, technology best practices, and front-line records management operations.

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Lynn Molfetta

An experienced financial services information governance specialist, Lynn has been responsible for global records management at American Express, Citi and Deutsche Bank, in a career spanning more than 30 years.