External Data Increases Information Governance Risks


Companies are more and more reliant on finding value in their data, while regulators, politicians, and the public are increasing their scrutiny of how companies use consumers’ data. Massive amounts of available data, commoditized IT infrastructure (e.g., storage and compute), and presumed value to be extracted create incentives to keep, store, and process everything.

Meeting the increased Information Governance challenges that come from the intersection of these developments is made more difficult by the prevalence of “externalized” data in every company’s operations. In this article we examine some of these increasing IG obligations, highlight some of the risks posed by externalizing critical information resources, and identify good IG practices to address the situation.

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Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein has worked at the intersection of business and technology for more than twenty years, to transform organizations and to define, develop, and operationalize information management standards and solutions.