Information Governance And Stakeholders: Taking The Complexity Out Of Getting Started

5 August 2020

Many IG projects (sometimes even an entire IG “Program” or function!) are initiated when senior management realizes that a specific “issue” requires an urgent and vigorous response. The issue could be an audit finding, a regulatory enforcement action, the advent of new regulations, or an enterprise cost strategy, to name just a few.

For the business leader or project manager charged with sponsoring or leading the project, it’s hard to balance gaining the support of senior management (that we always hear is vital to success) with gaining agreement on what to do and how to do it. How do you overcome the governance delays of “it’s too a big a task and we need multiple stakeholders’ input” while mitigating the execution risk that comes with “we’ve just got to get started on this project”?

As with governance of any large project, the answer is to break it down into comprehensible components, that can be quickly grasped by, and gain approval from, individuals with limited knowledge and time to apply the issues. Start by addressing three critical issues that can derail the long-term success of an IG project but if established properly can enable projects to “get started” and create the early wins that build credibility and momentum.

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Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein has worked at the intersection of business and technology for more than twenty years, to transform organizations and to define, develop, and operationalize information management standards and solutions.