How to solve the top 3 information governance challenges for financial services

23 AUGUST 2019

Information governance got way more challenging in recent years. Escalating volumes of financial services regulation, and complexities linked to the intersecting worlds of records, data, privacy and security, have put age-old manual processes and outdated systems to the test. The frequency and severity of enforcement fines proves that many financial institutions are failing to deliver on compliance.

Watch this 30-minute webinar, with information governance specialists Lynn Molfetta and Lee Fairey, to learn how to solve today's top three challenges:

  • Navigating the regulatory landscape
  • Setting the right policy and controls
  • Distributing and implementing policy and controls enterprise-wide, to ensure compliance

Listen to the Webinar

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Lynn Molfetta

An experienced financial services information governance specialist, Lynn has been responsible for global records management at American Express, Citi and Deutsche Bank, in a career spanning more than 30 years.